Looking for a particular (old?) three.js example

I have not used 3js since I decided I needed to learn some Blender things.
So coming back to the site it is interesting to see the changes.
WHO remembers a 3js example showing a head model described in horizontal lines with transparency?
I have several legacy libs back to R8x stored locally and can’t find it. Unless of course I imagined it and saw it somewhere else!

Are you talking about this model? three.js webgl - materials - normal map [Lee Perry-Smith]

It is used in several examples however I can’t remember the one you have described. You might want to download the current repository and search for LeePerrySmith in the examples folder. This should list all demos that might be relevant for you.

Well, because it was a vague outline of contour lines it would be hard to recognize Lee, but it could well have been that model. I have already tried that search (locally) but with no luck.

You mean this one?

It’s using https://github.com/spite/THREE.MeshLine so it’s technically not an example in the Three.js library.

Live demo

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Thats the one; thanks!