Looking for a Developer to create a simple and beautiful 3D Product Landing Page


I’m actively looking for a developer to create a landing page displaying 6 Fashion products for which we will a provide .gltf file for each product.

The Product will be at placed the center of the space and will be watched through an OrbitControls. Arrows will allow to swap from one product to another in middle of the environment.

A .GLTF of the minimalist environment will be provided : Desert with dunes and a pound over wich the object will be placed

This script could be used for the water of the pound and the reflection of the product over it, as well as for the sun effect : three.js examples

This Script could be used for the clouds : three.js examples

And this script could be used for OrbitControls around the product : three.js examples

Post-Processing will be required to obtain an elegant look to the experience as it will be used for a Fashion Brand.

A Palette with 10-15 colors for which we will provide HTML Code will be on the side of the product and will allow the modification of the ColorMaterial of each product. Quickly adding that each of this product will be delivered with a Normal Map to keep the ColorMaterial Swap efficient.

A view in AR button will be needed to under or on the side of the product and will link to AR URL we will have from another provider.

Our budget is 2000$ but could be updated. A 3 week or less delivery would be ideal.

Hope this will interest you :wink:

Looking forward to hearing from you should you have any questions about this project

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Hy, I have interest to talk more about. Through email? Take a look at my personal portfolio website, there I have some display of my work on three.js and blender. (Portfolio)

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