[PAID] threejs developer/ creative coder for building an Interactive landing page for Leading Web3 Company

We are seeking rockstar Web Developers/Creative Coders to help us build a landing page for a leading NFT Company. You will help us to create an interactive campaign landing page with Three.js realtime rendering, Shader and animations.

What you’ll do:

Lead the 3D frontend web development of a defined project
Collaborate with our dev team to create a smooth and seamless interactive minting experience

What we’re looking for

2+ years experience with Three.js, WebGL, GLSL, JavaScript or React.js

Please DM me if interested :slight_smile:

i m a senior threejs , webgl , babylon js , gsap , glsl developer
i have strong experiences in campaign landing page for amazing 3d animation effect.
please DM me.
via telegram or discord.
telegram - @DSODIN
discord - punks#0631
Thank you

If easier apply through here:

I’m 3d designer and threejs developer
I have strong experiences in 3d configurator and AR.
You can contact me via
telegram : @Mejdikazdarlli
WhatsApp number : (+216) 26018624
Discord : Mejdi kazdarlli#6592
E-mail :contact@mejdi-kazdarlli.com
Thank you

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