Loading the original colors of the model instead of applying venice_sunset enviroment

this is the original model picture

this is my implementation after applying venice_sunset enviroment

Hi @Mahmoud_Abdulmuty you may need to be a little more clear in the phrasing of your question, this seems like a statement so is difficult to offer advice, have you tried not loading the Venice sunset background lighting and instead tried to apply a simple white ambient light to begin with?

yes i tried to do so, I applied a simple white ambient light & directional light and this was the result

this is the original model

ok, it seems the blue material is meant to be a transparent glass? you’ll have to apply the correct pbr material before exporting the model or retrieve all objects with the “glass” like material and change some parameters such as transparent: true and opacity: 0.3, other than that it seems you would need to play around with your renderer settings, light shadowCamera settings , the documentation has all the resources you need to tweak a scene to achieve the result you need.

thanks alot , the result has got better but any idea how to change the other materials colors like the floors, desks, … ?

also if i want to make shadows on specific parts of the model as appeared in the upper corner

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good news, if you’re using the gltf file format and on load using traverse() to iterate throught the model parts, you can retrieve any part of the model with simple conditional if statements, objects have been setup to be filtered with the parameters isMesh isObject isMaterial etc. hope this helps.

you would need to look into distributing parts either between scenes or layers, there are lots of resources on both this forum and the documentation on how to setup shadows such as Struggle with GLTF and lighting - #2 by Mugen87

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