Automatic lighting applies when converting model to GLTF


We have created one shoe model and we are exporting it to GLTF format but when we check the file in GLTF viewer, I can see the automatic lighting gets added to the model. There is not lighting added to the the actual OBJ model still when converting that model to GLTF and viewing it on any viewer, e.g. windows 3d viewer, GLTF viewer, I can see white color has got some lighting and due to that white color displays some silver color effect on it.

Can you please let me know if I need to change anything in my model or do changes in lighting?

Actual Output

Expected output

Is it possible to share the gltf model in this thread?

Here is a GLTF file with its textures and materials.

Kindly check and let me know if any fix can be applied or not?
You can check webversion here also.

meshObj.material.metalness = 0;