Loading screen for video 360

I’ writing because I have a project that load video texture 360, but I want show an animation while the video is loading, and when it done the animation will be hide.
The problem is that the video is not loaded complety and the animation disapears, I’m using the events of video tag but it don’t works, the loader manager, I try but doesn´t work or I dont Know How it can be used.
You can see an example of the page in www.entornomexicano.com
and mi source is:
VR.rar (3.4 MB)

I hope you can help me
King regards and thanks

That’s because you’re using .fadeOut() immediately after creating the video object, instead of telling it to fade out after waiting until it’s ready to play:

// Despues de que se cargue quitamos el div de carga

You need put your .fadeOut() command inside an event listener that’s waiting for the canplaythrough event. When it’s triggered, it means the video can play through in its entirety without needing to stop to buffer.

Thanks, but I try that and the result is the same, I think that the video is loading to the material as texture. the question is how I can do for the video and the image show in the screen appear and the loading screen dissapear
Thanks and regards