Basic Loading Screen



I’ve recently used this code for a stackoverflow post. It shows how to create a basic loading screen with THREE.LoadingManager and a HTML based overlay with nice CSS animations. The loading screen disappears, as soon as all assets are loaded.


If you don’t like the visuals of the loading screen, no problem. There is a huge selection of CSS loader animations:

Adding Loading bar in Editor

Nice. I’ll need to see if I can bum some of this and improve my loader stuff.

That trooper really has some dope moves! He pumpin’ it.


does this works in WebVR?


No. All these loading indicators are just overlays on top of the screen. This type of UI elements is also called “non-diegetic” or screen-space UI elements and does not work in VR.

Instead, you need spatial or “diegetic” UI elements. There is a nice guide of the Unity documentation that explains this topic very well: