How do I create a three js loading screen

I already know how to make a loading screen in three js, but I would like to have a simple scene of 1 model that animates as my loading screen….
Basically, I want a scene as a loading screen for a larger scene that takes several seconds to load…

Is this possible…

mugen editing the post did nothing, the ping was still there :sweat_smile: and yes, you can do that @JacksonUptain - I shall allow it.

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When model is loaded, show it and then load other what u need.

There’s a few angles you could take on this one, even just making a GIF to show/hide. I’m thinking you’d start with the LoadingManager. Make a very low res copy of your model which loads quickly and separately to your main scene. Use CSS to show the low res scene at the start of loading by default (or hide by default in CSS and display it via manager.onStart) and then hide it once it’s loaded (via manager.onLoad) :man_shrugging:

Yes, it is possible to do the onstart and onload methods, but I dont really want a gif or “low res scene”.

You’re talking about a ‘simple scene’ and ‘larger scene’, and one is a loading screen for the other. So if you don’t want to go for a quick loading option, you’ll have a flash of loading screen no? Level of Detail is another option, but that’s not a ‘loading screen’—you can load a complex model on top of a simple model with it.

I think what I will end up doing is just having a screenshot of the complex scene, because your 100% right that there is going to not be a long enough wait time on the loading screen to warrent a 3d model…maybe a little over the top?

There are heaps of possibilities :slight_smile: that’s a quick one! If you have the time LoD is pretty good if your aim is to have something lower res replaced by something higher res. I’ve been using it myself to load different quality glTF models from low to high, without regard for setting a distance value… the low res models appear quickly and they’re quickly replaced depending on network speed.

Sorry to say this but I hate when people ping a bunch of users in the hope they get a faster response. That’s essentially queue jumping which is improper and selfish.


Im sorry for pinging you…I didn’t know that’s how that worked…I put your names down there cause you guys seem to always have the best solutions, so the “@name” was just meant that the question was directed towards you…I’m sorry though…I haven’t use the forum much

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