Loading multiple texture uniforms in RawShaderMaterial


I’m currently having problems rendering a custom shader using RawShaderMaterial.

I’m trying to render a shader with a diffuse texture and an additive emission texture. I’m loading the textures using a THREE.TextureLoader and set _BaseMap and _EmissionMap as uniform { value { THREE.Texture(.image) }}

I stripped my frag shader down to these few lines:

#version 300 es
precision highp float;
precision highp int;

uniform mediump sampler2D _BaseMap;
uniform mediump sampler2D _EmissionMap;

in highp vec2 vs_TEXCOORD0;
out highp vec4 SV_Target0;
vec4 u_xlat1;

void main()
    SV_Target0.xyz = texture(_EmissionMap, vs_TEXCOORD0.xy).xyz;
    SV_Target0.w =  1.0;

When i run it like this it is just black. Running it with texture(_BaseMap it works correctly.
I’m not sure what I’m missing, maybe someone could point me in the right direction! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Current version of threejs: 0.134.0
Just in case it is useful here are the uniforms that are currently set - maybe there is a problem as well?

The loading issue seems to be solved (not sure what I changed that fixed it right now to be honest)