Loading GLTF successful-fails

https://fuchsia-lemming-e9f0bidc.ws-us17.gitpod.io/ is where I code

In src/main.ts, I tried loading it.
The console successfully logs the Object3D instance, yet the renderer says otherwise.

How do I fix this?

It seems you link requires a login which is not really accessible. Do you mind sharing a live example via codesandbox, jfsdiddle or codepen (or a similar service)?

My project is on gitpod and github, so GitHub - Coder2195Text/airplane here you go

You copy it via whatever you use

Run it at the root of the project, at package.json, run npm install if you havent done so

Then run npx parcel src/index.html

Never mind I solved it

But the lightning doesn’t work