Not able to to load GLTF loader

I’m not able to load the gltf file in gltf loader. Not able to figure out what went wrong?
Please help me to fix it. Here is my CodePen link.

aside from you using the loader more than 30 revisions older than the current one, I do not see any problems with the codepen. it seems to work just fine.

You have to render your scene at least once after you have added the model to the scene. Besides, ensure to add some lights, otherwise the model’s surface will stay black.

Updated code:

Well, obviously not. Have you tested the correct codepen?

well it was loading fine. this is what the post says, right? not able to load gltf. it does not say the screen being black is the problem, so why do you try to solve that one?

Having a black screen is not the result a user would expect when loading an asset.

it is plausible when there is the code to render anything, and it does not render. but without the actual code to render anything, this could be anything like “do I need cors here” or “I think my path is wrong” - thats what I thought. you think I put too much trust in users sense?

There is no need to become provocative. I’ve just objectively stated that your answer was not useful.

Thanks for the help @Mugen87 & @makc3d :blush: