Loading 3D models from express(server)

Hi everyone! I have a uploader for 3D models, created by react. After loading i have to render the model in preview. Model formats obj, mtl, fbx(textures), glb, gltf (bin, textures). Someone has such experience? How to implement correctly? The fact is that when I load models from the server, the texture does not load, even if it’s a single file, it still doesn’t load textures.

It’s unlikely the textures are not loaded if it’s included in the fbx or glb file. If the model looks black, you more likely forgot to add a light to the scene :

const light = new THREE.AmbientLight( 0x404040 ); // soft white light
scene.add( light );

Thanks Felix! But this is not a stage lighting problem.

What shows up when you load your glb ( mesh + textures ) into this site ? https://gltf.report
If your model has no texture in a generic three.js viewer, it means it has no texture. In that case this is not a problem with three.js and you should look for issues upstream, in your CAD software exporter for instance.

All because of the last release (131), I changed the version and everything worked :thinking: