Problem with loading textures

I load project by using .obj and .mtl files. Also have images. When I open page textures not loads.

But it looks like:
Code with load files:

            var manager = new THREE.LoadingManager();
            manager.addHandler( /\.dds$/i, new DDSLoader() );

            new MTLLoader( manager )
                .setPath( 'obj/city/' )
                .load( '1-12.mtl', function ( materials ) {
                    new OBJLoader( manager )
                        .setMaterials( materials )
                        .setPath( 'obj/city/' )
                        .load( '1-12.obj', function ( object ) {
                            object.position.y = - 95;
                            scene.add( object );
                } );

Can you please share the OBJ and MTL file in this thread?

Besides, if you create the assets by yourself, consider to export to the more modern glTF instead.

I can’t share file, but I can show by screen demonstration.

I’ll try use glTF

UPD: Use glTF, but I have compilation errors:

Try to export your asset as a glb file. All data of the asset (textures too) will be contained in a single file.

This errors when I do glb file. Some textures work, but not all.

Without the possibility to inspecting the asset it will be hard to investigate this issue.

What you can try is to check if other glTF viewers can render the file correctly. For example what happens if you view the file via BabylonJS sandbox?

It’s better, but not all textures load. maybe I need to save file by different way?