GLTF Model not loading texture?

Creating my first three.js application. Trying to load a very basic .gltf model
Here’s the code :

const loader = new GLTFLoader();
loader.load( './a_cup_of_coffee/scene.gltf', function ( gltf ) {
	scene.add( gltf.scene );
}, undefined, function ( error ) {
	console.error( error );
} );

I’ve also added directional lighting :

const light = new THREE.DirectionalLight(0xffffff, 100);
light.castShadow = true;

And the result is :

Although, the same model is working fine at
Any ideas please?

Original format is fbx and without textures. There is post effects and shadow.

I’m working with Autoconverted (glTF). Should that make any difference?

In sketchfab model not have texture. No difference in texture.

Yes I figured that out when you said

But, at it’s rendering correctly like this:

Can you advise what’s lacking in my script? I’ll frame the question accordingly.

I test here (no texture) three.js examples