LightProbeGenerator from WebGLRenderTargetCube

Hey I’m trying to use a WebGLRenderTargetCube as input for the LightProbeGenerator.fromCubeTexture().
But it only accepts CubeTexture not WebGLRenderTargetCube.

The reason I have a WebGLRenderTargetCube is because I’m using CubeCamera to create a snapshot of my scene and want to use that as my environment light info for the LightProbe.

I’m not sure what the visual representation of the WebGLRenderTargetCube is, as a CubeTexture has an array of 6 images pointing to each axis negatively and positively. So I don’t know how to convert it myself.

Would it be possible to generate a CubeTexture from WebGLRenderTargetCube or let the CubeCamera output a CubeTexture directly?

The entire LightProbe API is still experimental and thus undocumented. Consider to move your question to github so it’s easier to access the developers of LightProbeGenerator. Just create a new issue with your question.