Lightning FBX files

I am trying to open a fbx file with meshes, lights and textures. When I render the scene, the lightning is wrong and the textures are not used at all. The fbx file comes from an export from unity. I have also tried to import some original objects from blender as glb files and added global ambient light as well as (a lot of) point lights to the scenary. Any clou, what the cause of the problem might be?

THREE.FBXLoader does support lights, so if they’re not there in the scene at all — check by traversing the scene, not just looking at the rendered result — then you may want to double check the file and report a bug.

That said, it is very difficult to bring lighting in from DCC tools like Blender or Maya, or Unity for that matter, and to get the results you expect. The large majority of three.js users bring in 3D models in without lighting, and add the lighting in three.js.

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