Laputa: Riddles In The Sky


Laputa is a free puzzle game made with THREE.js. Feedback would be much appreciated! Play it here:


Wow, this is very cool! Such good environment art and great ~vibes~.

(If you have time I’d be curious to learn how you made the screens where your “crosshair” moves the cursor. Are they native HTML elements? Are they textures generated on the fly?)

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Thanks for the feedback!

Regarding the in-game screens: the cursor is a small plane with a texture and alpha map (see below) and its position is found by raycasting from the camera to the screen (the blue plane).


Love the artistic direction! Also, the procedural clouds are a nice touch.

Out of curiosity, what does Laputa mean? It’s got a pretty bad conotation in Spanish, so I was wondering if there was any connection. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Maybe it’s a Vietnamese word which mean “laptop”.

Oops! I wasn’t aware of this. It’s named after Laputa, the mythical city in the sky from Gulliver’s Travels → Laputa - Wikipedia