360 panorama puzzle (and VR version)

I have written a 360 panorama puzzle game.
You can play the puzzle under
this version should work in any web browser for desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

The game is quite self explanatory - click on the tiles until all of them are correct. You can zoom in/out using the mouse or finger pinch within a certain range. You can click “Zoom out” and solve the puzzle from the outside.
All overlays can be closed by clicking/taping on them.
On reload the game will start with the last unsolved level - progress within one level is not being saved - there are 11 panoramas (levels).

There is also a VR version under
which works on an Oculus Go - no idea if/how it works on other VR head sets.

I had big plans for other shapes than square tiles but ran into texturing/UV mapping problems which I would like to discuss - just not sure which forum to use for three.js

Positive feedback is appreciated :smiley:
Constructive criticism is accepted :thinking:
Negative feedback - well hey :sob:


Wow !!! Good Game !

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147sec first level, and I liked it!
I think width VR its amazing, but I don’t have VR))
Good Job :+1:
PS. did not immediately find the next button, maybe make it bigger, or may be I have poor eyesight)))

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What the game would need is a user interface for settings and somehow different font sizes for mobile and desktop browsers - but so far I have no idea on how to do all that. Learning things little by little.

This is nice!

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New version went live today.
You can now switch on/off the tile counter, set your rotation preferences and there is a configurable hint system in place which helps you find that darn last piece.
Had to change camera zooming pretty much completely - now proper field of view zoom which prevents distortions.

Nice work! Very cool. The widget bar is a nice touch for users. I didn’t see the zoom out until later. Overall nice design.