🧩 VR art puzzles

Hey guys, I’m still alive !

I loved the VR puzzles of Puzzling Places, but it’s been long I ran out of free content (and f*ck DLCs). So I took advantage of my holidays to make something similar, but free and open source, with CC art scans from Sketchfab.

Give it a try here: https://artsalad.net
Repository: GitHub - felixmariotto/art-salad: VR puzzle game on the web.


Amazing, you gave me a lot of inspiration

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why no vr-less fallback :sob:

I’m sorry if you can’t try it :sweat_smile:

Navigation on the mesh panels could be adapted for clicks on the viewport, but I’m not sure how the puzzle game could be played with mouse/keyboard.

VR brought us a new type of input, which is in my opinion more interesting than stereoscopic display, because it allows for new types of interactivity.

well something like (shift? +) click and drag to rotate or translate

Really cool!

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