PanoPuzzle - a 360 panoramic puzzle game

PanoPuzzzle is played from inside a 360 panorama in a web browser.
Find wrong tiles click/touch them so they point the right way.
I was trying to come up with a way to gamify 360 panoramas and that’s the result.
Would be really interested to know what people think about it.
The only library used is three.js - the rest is “hand crafted”

There are 87 puzzles in 7 categories at the moment ranging from London via fractals and rendered panoramas to 360 of the International Space station

It can be played in any browser on mobile or desktop

Choose your puzzle and/or collection

Play the game from inside or outside of a cube and/or share links to a puzzle

The code and explanations of the configuration file is also available on GitHub under

Have a look and have some fun