Krono's Path 2 - Prototype (open source)


Back in 2017 I made a game called Krono’s Path for Android and iOS. I was build with Phaser 2.

Last week I decided to make a 3d version of it. It will be available on web and mobile.

I have use as game engine and publish it through

The prototype is available and playable on github:

Have fun exploring the source and playing all the levels :slight_smile:

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It is sweet. I think I’ve played a similar puzzle game (but in 2D and without monsters) long time ago, approximately when Sokoban became popular.

Sometimes the console explodes with error messages, but it appears they do not effect the playing. BTW, I tried a few levels with a mouse and it is somewhat inconvenient to pull the character block by block.

– Pavel

Yes, I should look for a better solution. Probably some arrows to click on.