Small adventure on procedural generated levels


Tiles from elements:

Locations from tiles:

Procedurally generated locations by “wave function collapse”. I do not load any geometry into the application.Open in browser:


It is interesting. Passed the first level. It is nice that falling down is so slow and it leaves some level of control. I made a few wrong steps, but manage to land on a platform.

Do you plan to make it multiplayer?

Really cool!

I did some exploring in the other chapters and found Chapter4 interesting as well. The way the world rotates reminds me of Manifold Garden :smile:

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I’m not planning yet. I make demos in which I implement my ideas in space. And I’m looking for a game designer who will advise good mechanics. If he advises, then yes then I will do it :slight_smile:

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I did not know about this game when I came up with the idea that you can crawl on the walls. Then they wrote to me that it looks like Manifold Garden ))