Small adventure next chapter


Make small adventure.
All level meshes are generated by BufferGeometry. Example generator:


Good psyhodelic bubble effect

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Thanks. Its easy sprites. ) Effect of iron in postprocessing make by one stroke:
col *= sin(col.r * 100. * effect);

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Like rain ripples on water

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For some reason I cannot access the site. Either it is temporary down or it is blocked on purpose. I will try again in a few hours.

The connection has timed out
The server at is taking too long to respond.

Not - its empty page

Followed @Chaser_Code advice below and used another IP.

The 3D experience is nice. Somewhat frightening, because it feels like being lost in an infinite maze. I met a lady that disintegrated into triangles. The shader was also nice and unexpected when it turned on for the first time.

Maybe if you add some lights and shadows (or some form of AO), the appearance will be improved. Some textures need better adjusting.

Overall, it reminds me of my Meiro:

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Try use anonimayzer to change ip

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Thank you. The problem is that the maze is a single mesh. And I can’t hide its individual parts, and with additional lighting it slows down.
It takes a long time to fix.
With this experience, I will do the next labyrinth. :slight_smile:

Nice video. Get link to play!

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I like the endways level best. The way gravity changes axis when you hit certain textures.
The journey is more challenging.

The music is also very good.

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Yes. This location gives the most positive feedback. ) An interesting phenomenon.
Usually I focus on the geometry of the level… And here on the mechanics of interaction with the world. And people really like interesting mechanics.

I order music from a sound designer.