Simple 3d quest

Link to play:

In this app I use new for me conception Entity-Component-System Entities: monster, door, player. Components: collisions. motions., Systems - arrays doors, monsters, dialogs, subscribed by events and change properties of entities.

It was very interesting to make a trip up the stairs. For this I do two meshes for collisions. One with gorizontal surfaces, and another with vertical for optimization. Vertical surfaceses for player and monsters, gorizontal only for player.

I also made a calculation of the coordinates of a player nearby, so as not to update the animation of monsters that are far away.

The main desire was that you can play on the phone. And it ran pretty fast. I haven’t inserted the animation yet … I don’t quite know how to optimize further. )))

Since this is a hobby, then appreciate what is. ) Thank you.
P.S Sorry for illiterate English, without a description, I can’t post the work :grinning: .


Hey Vasilii,

really cool demo, ECS is a pretty useful tool too, wonderful example :slight_smile:

I would recommend playing around with shading a bit, the demo is a bit disorienting as is, no shadows, every part of the floor looks the same etc. I do like the animations of the… spiders? :robot:

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) ‘Disorienting’ its not bug, its a feature.
I tried to designate the space not by shading but by the direction of the lines on the textures. )) For example: the doors are unlocked, meaning is lost in black and white.

Thanks for the feedback! )


I thought about the same. And found the effect interesting :+1: