Kaino Wagon. My first three.js website

Kaino Wagon. My first three.js website.

The website was created for learning purposes. I tried to use everything I learned. The website may be quite meaningless, but it looks good, doesn’t it?
You can see it here:

  • The loader and 3D model were created in Blender
  • All animation was created using JS and GLSL
  • All textures are created by baking. There is no light in the scene
  • The website code is available on my Github

It was a long journey in learning JS, Three.js, and Blender. I am very grateful to Bruno Simon for creating such an inspiring portfolio with the red car. I am glad to learn from the best. I bought his course and am happy to learn from the best.

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Excellent work, very impressive… I luv ur work

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Looks awesome man… :raised_hands:

you sure this is your first threejs website looks like you’re a pro at it


Very nice project.

I went inside to see how the blue-code-magic entity had been made … And I was surprised to find out it was just a “curtain” covering the door. I was hoping for some beer kegs.

The buttons were slightly rude, until I got used to them.


I just have a good teachers ))

I think I can add beer kegs to my next project :grinning:

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Hi, everyone! I’ve uploaded the new version 2.0 of Kaino Wagon! It should have been done a long time ago

  • Added a donation button so that all those who care could contribute to the production of new interesting websites and games.
  • Added a link to Discord, as I now have a server where I invite people to chat and stay connected.
  • Added music written by my friend.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple hints could be selected at once.
  • Now, when hovering over a hint, the camera stops rotating.
  • Improved the loader button, it now stops rotating when active.
  • Added a cursor that I drew manually!

Hey @Buninman,

Love the website, it looks fantastic. How did you bake the lighting into the scene? and do you have any resources that could help me?
I feel like I’ve followed a myriad of different tutorials trying to do it in blender but haven’t had any real success.

Thanks in advance and again nice job :slight_smile:

Thanks! I studied the Three.js Journey course, there is a separate section about the blender. I also found a lot of information on YouTube. For example, when I was making the Kaino Wagon, I studied this stream.

This is a room with 2 sets of textures having different lighting.

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I enrolled in that course too and was enjoying it, not sure why I stopped. Gonna watch it again and see if I can find a part about the lighting bake, thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

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