Jump Flood Algorithm Phat outlines.. tweaked by thrax!



Effect is great, performance is terrible! :slight_smile:
Some optimization mmigh be in order…

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I switched to HalfFloat in the rendertarget allocation. Seems to help quite a bit… you mind checking the link and seeing if its any better? (The performance scales with the outline size)

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Windows, Chrome, Laptop. Xenon 2.8Ghz, 16Mb Nvidia Quadro M4000.
Runs most threejs demos at 60fps.

Perhaps add the stats to you project, so we can read how much memory and speed?

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Ctrl-Shift-J ---- console-> rendering tab–>Frame Rendering Stats

Yeah… curious if switching to HalfFloat helped your case. The max radius also has a linear effect on GPU load… hmmm… appreciate the feedback…
I’ve only tested on a pixel 6, nv gtx1080 and a rtx4090.

Switching to HalfFloat made it work on iOS :+1:

But I can confirm that performance is not ideal. I am using iPhone 15.

Is it possible to improve that?

It’s pretty close to the limits of what I can see to optimize. If maxradius was limited to 127, could perhaps change the jump flood to store a delta to the nearest pixel… that would cut fill rate in half again at the cost of some complexity in each pass.
One could perhaps also run this on a half res buffer and upscale back to fullscreen… but… I’m losing interest. :smiley: