Job Opening at Speckle: ThreeJs/Frontend Wizard

Hi there! Speckle is a cool little project with big ambitions: our main mission is to be the connective tissue behind digital data in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC).

We’re a young and cool COSS (commercial open source software) company operating in the AEC space, with a cool tech stack and an “ok” online 3d viewer.

It doesn’t look too bad:

But it can be better! PS: Check it out live here; the code is here - please don’t judge too harsh, I did my humble best!

That’s where you come in: we’re looking for a skilled frontend developer who would help us bring the current frontend and viewer to the next level and could potentially help with the server backend too. You should be comfortable working with modern javascript frameworks and WebGL / three.js:

  • Modern frontend javascript frameworks (Vue.js, React)
  • WebGL / three.js
  • NodeJs / Postgresql
  • Rest API, GraphQL

If interested, check out our job ad here and send us a line. We’re flexible on location as long as it overlaps decently with London, UK time.

Peace out :vulcan_salute:

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Hello @idid,
I hope you are well and safe.

I have 6+ years of experience in front-end development with expertise in all the skill-sets you have mentioned. Let’s connect to discuss it further.

Thanks, Bryan
S-K-Y-P-E: live:.cid.9f30a926178d6686

Hi @BJohnson! Thank you for you interest. We’d love to connect - would you mind sending us at hello [@] a CV & some work samples, and we’ll take it from there!

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