Java Network Enginner

Job Description
Location: Remote (Timezone between UTC +1 and -5)

Job Title: Mid level-Senior Java Network Engineer

At Ambitious Studio we are crafting a cutting edge fantasy MMO with thousands of players on a server, and up to 1000 on screen. We have done this before in Unreal 2, and we are recreating our tech in Unreal 5. We need an a highly experienced Java engineer that can recreate old tech for a custom backend server for Unreal to network with, instead of a standard Unreal Dedicted server. This postion will need to communicate with the Unreal programmers to help correctly replace Unreal’s replication system.

Skills & Requirements
:white_small_square:Experience Java 11 or above
:white_small_square:Experience with Java Nio 2.0
:white_small_square:Experience on Multithreading
:white_small_square:Experience with Gradle/Maven
:white_small_square:Experience with version control like GitHub
:white_small_square:Experience with Jira, Confluence
:white_small_square:Ability to teach and lead others in the work created, and documenting the work created

:white_small_square:Unreal Engine experience
:white_small_square:ELK Stack experience.
:white_small_square:Profiling experience
:white_small_square:Experience in videogame development, especially MMOs
:white_small_square:Experience with Databases (MySql)

How to apply
Discord : elmoreden_74574
E-mail :

To apply you need to add an email, LinkedIn profile and portfolio.

About the Company

At Ambitious Studios, we’re more than just a new game studio — we’re a melting pot of creativity, passion, and experience. Born from a shared love for gaming, we’ve set our sights high, aiming to leave an indelible mark in the world of interactive entertainment. Our studio, though small, is mighty, currently consisting of 16 dedicated professionals.
Each member of our team brings a unique blend of talent and experience to the table. Among us are industry veterans who have lent their expertise well-established titles like ‘The Last of Us’ and ‘Call of Dragons.’ Our collective experience is further enriched by insights gained from working in renowned studios such as Riot Games.
However, it’s not just our past achievements that define us. At Ambitious Studios, we’re driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and quality. We believe that the best games are born from a fusion of creative freedom, collaborative spirit, and a deep understanding of what players want. Our approach is player-centric, focusing on crafting immersive, engaging experiences that resonate with our diverse gaming community.
Our journey is fueled by a simple yet powerful philosophy: make games that we would love to play. This ethos is embedded in every aspect of our work, from conceptualization to the final product. We’re not just building games; we’re crafting worlds, stories, and experiences that leave a lasting impact.
As we grow and evolve, our commitment remains steadfast: to create games that combine captivating storytelling, stunning visuals, and innovative gameplay. We’re excited for what the future holds and invite you to join us on this thrilling adventure.

Welcome to Ambitious Studios — where our passion for gaming comes to life.

Our Goal
Our current endeavor is the ambitious and captivating ‘Project3’ — a fantasy MMORPG that promises to redefine the boundaries of online gaming. Set in a richly imagined world, ‘Project3’ invites players to explore an epic narrative where Humans, Elves, Dark Elves, Orcs, and Dwarves embark on breathtaking adventures.
What sets ‘Project3’ apart is our groundbreaking technology. We’re pushing the limits of what’s possible in online gaming by developing a system capable of supporting over 4,000 players on a single server. This technical marvel extends to our on-screen capabilities, where we’ve already achieved the remarkable feat of seamlessly rendering up to 1,000 characters in stunning detail using Unreal Engine 5.3.

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