Hiring senior creative game devs for 3D multiplayer world(s)


We are a skilled team of coders, artists and designers with a crew built around some of the open source game engines-- mainly Hubs, Webaverse and XREngine, but also Unity and Unreal.

We’re looking for experienced developers who welcome the challenge of building massively-multiplayer interoperable worlds and dream of big MMOs built by many groups together. There may or may not be a single very long street involved.

We are building our own world to hang out in, and we do partnerships and some client stuff to keep things running. Our partner projects are all pretty interesting, and include an app where you can talk to anything in the entire world, an AI visual node editor, a multiplayer lightsaber game and more :slight_smile:

Oh, and pretty much everything we do is open source, CC0, out in the open and built for everyone. Also, we do a lot of crypto but don’t really mess with the hype, more just interoperability-focused – 3D interoperable avatars and such.

This is a paid, full-time position. If there’s anything to own, we own it together. We are a team of 19 and growing, all around the world, with a gender-balanced team in leadership and engineering.

We’re on Discord always, look for moon: The Nexus
Or poke around https://www.thenexus.city/

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