JAM – Designer/Web developer

Here’s my web developer/designer website made with Vue.js, three.js. It taps into google location services and a weather api to return the the current cloudiness percentage and windspeed of the user. No data is store on my database to protect user privacy. There is also a banana mode.
Visit here: https://www.joaoalvesmarrucho.com/


Now THAT’s what I call a crazy bananza! @TheHappyKoala @Usnul (Reference for the uninitiated: A bananza of exoplanets)

Definitely not boss-safe…


Lol, reminds me of this website I found with three sketches, made by the three.js devs early on in its development I believe, that were laden with phallic references and other expletives… Does anyone around here have the url to the site in question?

At OP: super cool stuff!