Is it possible to swap animationclips with keyframetracks?

You can import a glb with a skinned mesh with different animationclips listed in the animations array .

Inside of such an AnimationClip the data for each animated property are stored in a separate KeyframeTrack.

Is it possible to make a keyframetrack where on the keyframes the entire animationclip is swapped for anohter one ? In the examples i find the swapping of animationclips happens with a GUI where the user changes the animationclip but i want the AI to swap the animation with a timer clock , not the user . Most keyframetrack examples only change simple things like the rotation and position , but i want it to change an entire movecycle like from 'walk 'to 'idle ’ or to ‘run’ .

Not sure if I understood correctly - but if what you are trying to do is swapping / blending between animations, AnimationActions may be more helpful than AnimationClips (they give you most of the playback / blending methods right away.)

Yes you are right . The keyframetracks are inside the clips . You can not put clips into keyframetracks .I gave the clipaction another gltf.animation from the skinnedmesh . I started from the example with the parrot and the soldiers . Multiple animated objects