How to create a series of animation clips from a longer animation

I have a fbx file that contains around a dozen animations. These are in a single clip and are distinguished by frame numbers.

frame: 0030-0059 backpedal (loop)
frame: 0090-0129 bite
frame: 0164-0193 crawl (loop)

Is there a method available to split these into clips? Or would I need to get under the hood and roll my own code to split the keyframe tracks up.
I ask because it is relatively common for 3d artists to have all their animations in a single scene. So I suspect I am not the first to ask this question.




I don’t suppose you have any idea when this will be merged with the official library?

Afraid not, but it’s safe enough to copy/paste the function.

Thanks Don. Love your gltfViewer BTW. Not sure when GLTF will take over from FBX as the default format for passing 3D data between applications. Support for GLTF is at best patchy. Another few years yet. I’m switching over to Blender from Lightwave, so I think I’ll go with GLTF in future.

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