How to add one animation clip on to the end of another to get a single animation clip?

Hello every one: I have case where i have 2 animation clipe is it possibel to combine those two animations clips into one animation clip buy combining I mean Add one animation on to the end of another

@Mugen87 once again I need your help :slight_smile:

I’ve never done this before and there is also no API for this use case. For good reasons since merging animation clips only works if they target the same object. Ideally the clips have the same number of keyframe tracks targeting the same properties (e.g. quaternion). Although there might be ways to “fill gaps” if necessary.

In my case I have Model which have animation (lets say its bouncing on on its position) so what I need to do is create Animation with VectorKeyframeTrack and append before or after the animation(which came with the model)
So how I imagine this process

const time  =  [0, 2 ,4 ]
const values = [0, 0, 0,  6,6,6, 2,3,-3] 
const positionKF = new THREE.VectorKeyframeTrack('.position', time, values)

const tracks = [positionKF]
            const name =
            const value = track.values
            let time = track.times
            time = => t + 4)
            tracks.push(new THREE[](name, time, value ))

const clip =  new THREE.AnimationClip("Armature|Idle", -1, tracks)

but its not working or I think I miss something

Although there might be ways to “fill gaps” if necessary. @Mugen87 sorry I did not get this part