How can we add two sub clips obtained by clipping a frame

Hi,I have created a robot arm that has different animation at different frame value, and for some function, I need to clip frame from one range and add it to another frame range, is there a way to a defined API or function to add sub clips?

You can create subclips from a clip


Yes, but how to add these suclips?I have 2 subclips and I want to add them to create a new clip, is it possible?

There’s no built-in function for that. It depends what you mean by “add” them…

a. if they should play one after the other, probably easiest to keep two clips and just play them in sequence
b. if they should play at the same time, and affect different objects, then you could create a single clip with the joined .tracks of the other two, or just play two clips at the same time (easier)
c. if they should play at the same time, and affect the same objects, you have a more complicated situation and would need to give more details…

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