How to pause animation of an object by frame

I am having a car model. It has an animation as opening the door. The total animation is opening and closing. Now I need to pause the animation when the door is open. How to do that. Hope this information is clear

Have you considered to create two animation clips via AnimationUtils.subclip() from the original animation clip? One clip would represent the opening animation, the other one the closing animation.

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So I need to separate the animation into two separate animation, right?

Exactly. In this way, you can properly handle both animations in your code.

Thank you so much for your help @Mugen87 .

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And one more thing, the animation is taking some to start? How to handle this. @Mugen87

I need to enter from and to frame number for subclip. So. How to find the total number of frames in the animation? @Mugen87

just want to be able to pause on a specific frame since animation.clampWhenFinished pauses too early!