Is it possible to reset object's rotation but to preserve orientation?

My situation is like this:

  • I load a 3D model
  • The model is looking at pozitive Z direction
  • I rotate model to look at negative Z direction (with rotateY(Math.PI))

My model is now rotated one PI around Y axis. And everything looks ok.

But… I need my rotation to be 0 for all axes, because of the future transformations. I know I could edit model in Blender and rotate it to achieve this, but is there maybe a Three.js way to do this?

Have you tried changing the rotation of the geometry, rather than the mesh? If you apply a rotation to the geometry, you are then free to rotate the mesh as expected.

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Another strategy is to add your model to an otherwise empty object3d.
Rotate your model within the object3d on load, from then on manipulate the position and orientation of the object3d.

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Not sure if the example from the collection can help you :thinking:


The problem is, it seems there is no geometry property on loaded model (or at least I don’t see it).

Thanks, I am using Group for now, until some other solution.