iOS 14.2: texture clips and buffer does not clear after sleep

Unfortunately, I upgraded my phone from iOS 13 to iOS 14.2 resulting in two annoying THREE issues:

  1. I have a large ground texture (chessboard, MeshPhongMaterial) that starts to clip on iOS 14 when I move the camera close. Same things does not happen on Safari desktop. In this image the chessboard texture should continue but one can see some clipping. Notice the animal shapes meshes are NOT clipping. I have no idea why a simple plane will be clipped but not the shapes loaded from glTF files. I am not setting any clipping planes.

I already played with all kinds of variations (changing camera setting, e.g. near; different materials, turning off shadow casting, …) nothing makes a difference.

  1. ColorBuffer does not clear after wake up. When the iPhone is woken up from sleep, then a change in the scene, e.g., moving the camera, will reveal that the color buffer was not cleared. The scene will render ok but keeps the initial buffer content in the background from before sleep.

Any hints are welcome, Alex

It’s best if you report such issues directly to Apple. When doing so, it’s good to provide a small live example that demonstrate the use case.

I noticed that the issue disappears when setting logarithmicDepthBuffer to false. But then I am back to z-fights. Could it be that WebGL depth buffers created by default in iOS are smaller than in MacOS? Can I try to force a 24 bit depth buffer size?