Interest for collaborative coding "jams"?

Most threads here are in the Questions category, and often result in great demo solutions by experienced users, sometimes with multiple users improving on each other’s demos.

I just had an idea (spurred by Personal website - Snowing City) for a fun and social and useful activity, which would be initiated by one experienced user presenting an idea with an initial effort included as a JSFiddle/CodePen, and explicit requests for suggestions and successive improvements building on the same demo (meaning no hard feelings about others “stealing” and improving the idea/demo within the informal atmosphere of a forum thread).

The goal could, for instance, be to achieve a certain animation or shader effect, and the result of the collaboration would eventually suit the Resources category well. It is similar to questions, but with higher expectations to the efforts of both the original poster and the subsequent posters.

I think it would be fun. :smiley:


Awesome idea, with the caveat that I’ll be a spectator as I don’t want to spoil the party with a litany of bugs :rofl:


Bugs are welcome! :smiley:


That’s some Microsoft mentality over there :grin:


Someone said “Bugs”?!


I like the idea. Actually i’ve been working on a portal for a while now to publish resources and projects, it also has a contest system that works with pens and fiddle submissions, the rating can be different categories such as performance and quality. It might be an idea to actually combine this with conversations here and the submissions and ratings there.


@Fyrestar Like a “social network” for programmers, where all content, including the contests and evaluations, is generated by users? Sound fun too, but I don’t know how well contests and a collaborative atmosphere fit together. (I guess contests would be a different part of the portal.)


That’s why I collect these solutions for myself, because I still don’t understand much about three.js and still learn. It is too pity to have it only for yourself. That’s why I’m publishing it: Collection of examples from

collaborative programming - interesting idea
I could only contribute functionally/algorithmically generated geometry to collaborative programming if needed.


That’s a great Idea! I’ll make public the repository of my personal website. I hope this help other devs with anything (like compare the original pen with my version…).

I’m reading from my phone now, I’ll edit in few mins.

Here is guys:

I hope you guys enjoy it


Sign me up too!
Wouldn’t mind tagging behind slowly with a cart and collecting the bugs.

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I love this idea. It’s actually close to something I’ve been thinking about for a while now - a lot of suggestions for PRs on the three.js repo get blocked (rightly or wrongly) as “app level” - especially when it comes to new examples, and utility functions.

I do understand the desire to keep the three.js repo small. But it means that three.js devs have to discover basic patterns again and again. It’s good for learning no doubt, but still it seems kind of a waste. Not to mention that most of these things are non-obvious and it takes a lot of work to find the “best” way of doing things.

It would be great to collect these functions and patterns and store them somewhere. Ideally, this would be on a repo so that we can benefit from people filing bugs and PRs. But it could start here in a more informal format - hofk is doing a great job keeping track of interesting examples here.


I wish I had the time to get involved in something like this. At the moment my top priority is paying work, then after that I’m spending time on improving my skills at writing custom shaders. After that I have a couple of personal projects, though I do like to check these forums every few days and pitch in if there’s something within my skillset, it’s something I like to do to keep my brain occupied.


sounds like someone re-invented but, of course, without actual site and community, this will not work