1st 74W Three.js Contest

Dear Three.js community,

I’m very excited to share with you all a contest organized by Tungsteno (Tungsteno - Interactive Applets on Mathematics) whose aim is to show the world the huge possibilities that Three.js offers for learning and visualizing mathematics, and in general, the possibilities new web tools offer to education.

It consists in creating an applet (up to three submissions per participant) which deals with anything related to mathematics, and that is beautiful and interesting enough to engage the scientific community. The deadline is 15th July and a Facebook poll will decide the best applets

For more information, follow the links below, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have in this topic. If running short of maths ideas, I may provide… :wink:


Thank you all and good luck!! :crossed_fingers::facepunch:

Is the actual visualization rated or the mathmatical background? It kinda appears like it’s more about the math only using THREE to visualize.

That’s very unspecific for being a contest i think. I mean something about solving a problem would be rather a contest than something more of a artistic nature without any restrictions.

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Yes, you’re right, that’s very unspecific for being a contest :sweat_smile:. That’s partly because it’s the first time and we’d like to know what the people needs and values. The rating will be through a Facebook poll, at least in this “first edition”.

I guess people will appreciate aesthetics and usability a lot. Stundents are given in general too many formulas and little visualization. At this moment, these are the trends in the FB page Tungsteno - Home | Facebook. I’ll post inspiring links (in FB and here) in the next days

Let’s keep talking. Thank you very much!! :+1:

I just think judging by artistic aspects is rather something not mainly programmer relevant. Solving something could be judged in a lot aspects like speed, memory efficiency, general performance etc.

Having a non-facebook poll might give you some more voters, since not everyone uses it. A lot including me boycotted it for example, i only have a account to manage a page for advertisment. :grin:

Giving at least some topic would make it more interesting, just what i think. Anyway, good luck :smile:

Yes, we’ll keep this in mind for future editions! Thank you very much!

As I said some examples that I find very inspiring and from which I have learnt a lot:


@jxm-math What are the prizes?

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@marquizzo Thanks for your interest!! :smile:

In this very first edition we’re mainly offering diffusion among the scientific community through our social networks. Results will be recorded at http://tungsteno.io/subject/threejs/, and derived official contributions will be recorded as well.

In plainer language, there are no prizes. If you take part you are doing so purely for the fun of it.


Exactly :joy: well and for promoting three.js


I have posted ideas and inspiration on Facebook for the Contest on a weekly basis - you may check them to get inspired. The deadline is July 15th!! :grinning::grinning::grinning: