Interactive Projection Mapping Calculator


I’m with a projection mapping hardware / computer vision startup called Lightform ( We’re looking for a three.js developer to help us build an interactive projector selection tool so our customers can select an appropriate projector for their scene. The user would provide some basic specifications about their scene (XYZ dimensions, ambient light, etc.) and the tool would recommend a few appropriate projectors. The projector database would be provided by us, initially a just limited static list with projector models, their lumens and throw ratio values, but could eventually reference a larger online database.

We’d ideally also generate an email-able PDF with the tool’s results and a screen capture of the viewport, and some referral links to purchase the projectors online. We’d also like the tool to integrate with some of the web analytics and tracking tools we use on our website.

I believe it’s a pretty simple app for now, with the potential to grow into a more complex previz tool. We’ve built a basic prototype in TouchDesigner which can demo the concept. Please email me if you think this would be up your alley.

We’re also hiring for fulltime backend web dev roles.