Incredible high cpu/gpu usage on some devices

we have a simple three.js application that shows a single character (imported using gltf). I already checked the and we have 15.000 verts, 1 draw call and 0 lines.

On nearly all devices we have no perfomance issues but on some devices the perfomance drives crazy (see attached images) and I’m not talking about some framedrops I’m talking about extreme pc stuttering (at all, not only the browser).

We checked the gpu-blacklist flag in chrome but that was not the problem. The issues appear on all browsers (really seems to be a hardware issue?).

I also attached a detailed system information about the device where the issue appears (notebook running latest win 10):
Report.HTM (149.9 KB)

Any help is appreciated.

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In context of notebooks please verify that no hybrid mode or something similar is enabled. The idea is to ensure that the dedicated GPU is actually used.

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Would be useful to have a live example if possible to check.

It is possible that you’re running into “swift shader”, which is software renderer backend of Chrome, it’s very inefficient and puts a huge load onto your CPU.

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Like the previous replies you might check if there is a power saving mode enabled, browsers aren’t classified often as „GPU worthy“ at least WebGL wise.

Nvidia Optimus for example might be enabled by default and can be only turned off in the Nvidia settings panel, with it turned on you get a horrible performance even in simple scenes with poor cpu rendering.

Notebooks are the most problematic devices, you won’t face this kind of power saving on mobile or desktop devices, except office machines without GPU.

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Hi folks, thanks for answering. The notebook used a different (weaker) gpu when the power cable got plugged off. However the main issue was that we did not limit the frame rate. By limiting the fps to 25 we gained enough resources back to support even those weaker devices.

Appreciate it :slight_smile: