Improve ThreeJS Scene - Scene looks blurry even with antialising


I am currently working on a glass try-on demo in AR and use ThreeJS as the 3D Rendering engine.


I have a problem with the quality of the scene, most 3d models are high in quality, but it seems especially the red one, is getting blurry. Do you have any idea how I could improve the quality here, I already tried various things with renderer, environment and glb loader. I experimented with anisotropy and devicePixelRatio, but I wasn’t successful.

This it how it looks:

This is the native model, how I try to achieve:

This is the code I’m using to load the …

  1. Environment loading:
    new RGBELoader()
        .setPath( `${PUBLIC_PATH}/3d/environment/` )
        .load( `clarens_night_02_1k.hdr` ,  ( texture ) => {
          texture.mapping = THREE.EquirectangularReflectionMapping;
          texture.anisotropy = this.renderer.getMaxAnisotropy();
          this.scene.environment = texture;
        } );
  1. Renderer Config
    this.renderer = new THREE.WebGLRenderer({
      // alpha: true,
      antialias: true,
      canvas: this.canvas,
      devicePixelRation: window.devicePixelRatio,
      // powerPreference: 'high-performance',
      // logarithmicDepthBuffer: true,
  1. Glb Loader
  loader.load(file, function (gltf) {

            gltf.scene.traverse( ( object ) => {
                if ( object.isMesh === true && !== null ) {
           = MAXANISOTROPY;
            } );

            setTimeout(() => {
            }, 500)
        }, undefined, function (error) {

Please let me know if anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate your help :slight_smile:


never heard of that prop, i don’t think it exists. you set pixel ratio on the created renderer instance gl.setPixelRatio(window.devicePixelRatio). dpr by default is 1, so that would look pretty blurry.


It’s also not an option that can be passed into WebGLRenderer.

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Hi, and thanks for your answers :slight_smile:

I tried replacing the parameter with manually setting pixelRatio. But, the result still stays the same :-/

Do you know any other way to smooth the model or it‘s reaction to the environment?