HUD with Troika Text


I managed to reproduce the Sprites HUD example here
to include a kind of FPS reticle into my game scene, to always show on camera via a second scene (orthographic camera).

Now I also wanted to integrate some text overlay as well, like scoring elements.
I managed to get some text in the scene very easily with the help of this module troika-three-text - npm

But for some reason, as soon as I try to add it to the Orthographic scene it doesn’t show, even changing position or rotation I cannot figure out where it is, or if it is even visible in the scene.

Here’s a codesandbox reproducing the problem : Ortho HUD Troika Text - CodeSandbox

On line 97-98 there’s :

The little cross is in sceneOrtho so it should be working, I’m not sure what I’m missing…
Thanks in advance for your help !