inspired design


Recently I had worked on a project very much inspired by as seen in threejs front page.
The source code is available in github but I had taken only the raycaster method which work for both desktop and mobile. Rest I had developed from scratch.
Key challenges and solution

  1. The running stock market screen. (offset texture in loop)
  2. New pointer for raycaster that is suitable for touch and click events. (watch both ‘pointerdown’ and ‘pointerup’ event)
  3. Loading video and pausing till first user interaction. (load and pause video and play when user want it to play)
  4. Achieved front neon light effect without bloom post processing. (used rectarea lights with blured normal in front board)
  5. All the source code can be edited from browser. (developed a online boilerplate for internal team called
  6. Completed entire site in 5 days. (earlier it took 1 month+ to complete such project)

Request your feedback to improve myself.

live link: Jiva International


Looks nice.

As you have requested feedback, I cannot resist to provide some ideas for improvement:

  • The scene might look more beautiful if there are shadows and ambient occlusions.
  • Users might prefer to get indication of clickable items (e.g. change of cursor).
  • The change of view point when you click on something is too abrupt. A soft and more gradual transition will be highly appreciated.
  • Some objects look too minecraftish, while others do not. Maybe this is on purpose?

Thanks for your review and feedback. I could able to add mild shadows and implement change of cursor. It looks even better now.
Other two suggestions I couldn’t able to implement as the model and code needed major revision.
Appreciate your time.

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