I created this art project with three.js. After the different image pieces which can get bought fly together using three js you can zoom into the whole image using openseadragon. There are 6059 images available and they get rendered pretty fast even on mobile. So this project really showed me the power of three js. Awesome library and a really supportive community. Love you guys, without your help I couldn’t have done it!

Do you have any feedback, inspirations, further improvements? I would also be glad if you could give me any ideas how to promote such a crazy project? Thank you very much in advance!


When visiting your site with Chrome and the AdBlock extensions, it’s not possible to submit the Cookie modal view. For some reasons, the “Accept” button is blocked by the AdBlocker.

I have also AdBlock installed. On your computer a whole lot of stuff is not rendered correctly.

This is what it should look like:

I tested it on a lot of different computers and devices and it seems to work. Never experienced this issue. Probably just reload?

When the problem is still hapening after reload, could you please give me more details about your system? Thank you very much. Vielen herzlichen Dank…

It’s Chrome 75.0.3770.100 on macOS 10.14.5. The version of AdBlock is 3.48.0.

I’m still experiencing the issue even after a complete refresh.

Be aware that AdBlockers look for certain names in id or class attributes used in HTML elements. Stuff like banner, ad, promo or cookie might get blocked although the content is totally unrelated to advertisement.


I only had multiple classes with cookie in it. Still can’t reproduce it. I have AdBlock installed and I’m also surfing on chrome. Only difference, I have windows 10…

I changed the cookie class issue.

On your screenshot it also looks like that the background image, and other images don’t get loaded correctly, when you compare it to my screenshot.

Did my change help?


Works fine for me on a work PC with adblocker (uBlock) installed.

It works now :+1: