How to show grid division dimension

I want to show dimension of grid division in my scene.
I have already added grid helper with size and division in my scene. Also calculated size/length of each division.But i am unable to show that size/length on my scene.
Below are the image what i have done yetCapture1
And below image is what i want to show

That 100mm length is what i want to show in my scene.


If you are just going to have a couple of sizes - 10mm, 100mm, 1cm, etc., then the easiest is probably just to create textures in Photoshop or Gimp and add them to a small planar mesh.

If you need it to update dynamically, then a better option would be to use a CanvasTexture, and draw the text onto that.

Here’s an example showing this approach.

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Thanks for suggestion!!
But can we update length label dynamically without adding CanvasTexture in my scene?


There is no way to draw text directly with three.js, if that’s what you mean.

There’s lots of other approaches, but they will probably be more complicated than this.

Here’s an example using FontLoader and TextBufferGeometry:

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There are many possibilities to use text.

I’ve done it this way for some of my examples:

also to be found there
Collection of examples from

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