Need to add dimensions of 3D model

Hello, I need to add dynamic dimensions of the 3D model, and I am using the following library three.text-sprite and I am adding dimensions successfully but can not able to manipulate much. Someone guide me is there any way through which we can display the dimensions of a 3D model without using sprites or arrow helpers?, Thanks, I need some guidance.

Is there, at least, any reference picture or video of the desired result?
Would be cool to show what you have and what you want to achieve.

Like this, I need to make dimensions for my frontend or similar to that

Three line segments and a plane with a texture, per dimension. :thinking:

How is that possible, can you guide me?

I won’t do your job for you, sorry. :slight_smile:
Read the docs and examine examples.

I need this only thanks a lot.

One more thing are there any working examples you have?

Working example of what? :thinking:

Line segments?

This one, for example: three.js examples

I also tried Library 1 and Library 2 both are not working gives an error related to vertex shader and TypeError: Class constructor Object3D cannot be invoked without 'new'