Project on 3d interactive application

Project help
I want some help on my project at college.
I’ve made that model in Blender-3d freeware software exported to gltf extension.

This is a basic model of my project.

I want it like this reference:, I want that in basic code easily understandable.
Please help me out with this.

Why don’t you just post the problem you’re dealing with here? That way anyone who reads it can try to help you out. It’s not necessary to ask for volunteers beforehand.


You can see the code of your reference here: so, you can try reading through it.

Three.js has a built-in tool to help with labels and annotations like the one you want: If you click on the bottom-right button that says “View Source”, you can see how that behavior was accomplished.


Thank you! for that but,
It doesn’t work with gltf objects exported from blender what to do please.

What exactly doesn’t work? You need to be more specific. Are you getting console errors? What did you try, and can you show us the code that you’ve tried?

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