How to show bounding box dimension value(X,Y,Z) on bounding box helper


In my scene i added box helper and i also get/calculated the value of X,Y,Z.
Now i want to display X,Y,Z value on edges of box helper and also show them in my scene.
Below image is what i want

I have tried test spirit but unable to fix position on edges of box helper


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This can be done using Textgeometry or Text spirit label.
I have tried to show dimension in scene but unable to adjust height of dimensions text.
it is not coming in unique size for all files.

I used a plane geometry with a shader material and a texture.

i have used Text Spirit label but i am getting below output


the height of text is large for small dimension( e.g. 1 x1 x 1 mm) file and very small for large dimension(e.g. 100 x 100 x 100) file.

As per your suggestion, can plane size will be automatically adjusted according to bounding box dimension of stl part ?

Why not scale sprites/planes in dependency of bounding box size?

Not able to understand
Can you provide live example?

Can you suggest how to do this ?