How to select animation range to play?

Hi. I want to select animation range by frame. I have FBX animation (0-50 frames “run”, 51-100 “jump”, etc). How to play only selected frames? The same discuss is here: ClipAction select range to play
More over I found approved pull request:
But I can’t find THREE.AnimationUtils.subclip implementation in r106 and r107dev releases. Are the any ideas how to do it?

It’s not merged i think, i did a similar basically, though the issue with both was that if not all tracks have keyframes at the frame you cut it, that would be an issue but technically this couldn’t happen as long as those positions are an actual start/end of a animation sequence, so at these positions all tracks should have a keyframe anyway.

I didn’t updated this yet, since optimally it would generate these keyframes, so all you need in case you use a IK rig is to set a keyframe for all bones at the sequence start/end if there would be an issue, never had one using C4D when set.

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